Surround yourself with only the best | Raumati Escarpment | Hikes | Go Pro Hero 3+

Be around the light bringers,

the magic makers, the world shifters,

the game shakers.

They challenge you, break you open.

shift + expand you.

They don't let you play small with your life.

These heartbeats are your people.

These people are your tribe.





Karangahake Gorge | Birthday Adventures | Bay of Plenty, NZ | Rail Tunnel | Go Pro Hero 3+ Video

On my recent holiday, I went to the Waikato to stay with my parents for my 25th birthday! It was a much needed break away and all I had dreamed of for my birthday this year. 

The day after my birthday my mum and I adventured off to the Bay of Plenty region of NZ to the incredible Karangahake Gorge, it was a beautiful day and the gorge was packed with people out and about enjoying the absolute stunning winter weather.

I must admit this made me very uncomfortable - struggling with filming in crowds - being much more used to less crowded places. I however tried my best and avoided the crowded areas. My confidence was not out to play this day and I am full of regret for not filming more because I definitely missed some amazing scenes. 

My comfort zone is un-mistakably my biggest enemy and I am incredibly good at making sure I don't step foot outside of it even though I know it would benefit me if I did. 

So I need to make a pact with myself - a goal should we say - to PUSH myself when I am in a situation that makes me feel uncomfortable.

I am counting you you all to keep me accountable for this. Follow me on Instagram for updates!